HOLT CAT Product Support Consulting

Efficient Equipment Management and Maintenance – Product Support Sales Representatives

Need a hand managing the details of your equipment maintenance and repair to ensure maximum productivity, availability, and warranty compliance? Your business can benefit from equipment management to improve scheduling and recording of necessary maintenance and repair procedures. HOLT CAT® Product Support Sales Representatives (PSSRs) partner with you – familiarizing themselves with your business, monitoring your equipment, and meeting your specific service needs.

Consult With Experts; Focus on Your Business Success

Reduce downtime and stay on top of maintenance. Gain access to complete equipment management consulting services when you partner with a HOLT CAT PSSR.

Free yourself to focus on business while we monitor and service your fleet. We have PSSR engine, generator, truck and construction equipment managers with extensive knowledge of Cat® equipment, parts, and services.

Fully committed to providing unparalleled product support, HOLT CAT capabilities include:

  • Performing custom track service and undercarriage inspection using the latest software and technology
  • Assisting with system management
  • Providing information regarding maintenance and repair options, allowing you to make the best service decisions for your business
  • Customizing solutions for any equipment repair
  • Answering questions about the latest Cat technical data
  • Reviewing technical analysis reports
  • Helping predict when a major component needs repair or overhaul
  • Discussing repair options and guaranteed pricing
  • Supplying items such as ground engaging tools, filters, batteries, hardware, etc.
  • Monitoring terms and fulfillment of your Customer Support Agreement