Each undercarriage in the 猫 product line is designed to meet specific job requirements.


底盘 is the lifeblood of your machine 和 maintenance costs can consume over 50 percent of the maintenance budget on your track machines. 当您与hjc黄金城网站 猫合作时® 来管理你的起落架, 我们将帮助您减少停机时间和运营成本, 同时显著提高了正常运行时间和生产力. With proper management, machine undercarriage components can deliver maximum performance.

The widest range of undercarriage options available for your machine:

Each undercarriage in the 猫 product line is designed to meet specific job requirements to get the maximum value out of your undercarriage.

  • 重建的链接
  • 重新穿跑鞋
  • Track Roller Frame Straightening, Realignment 和 Rebuilding
  • 销和衬套的转动和更换
  • 完成起落架现场维修和重建

hjc黄金城网站 has the capability 和 experience to perform shop or field repairs on all sizes 和 br和s of undercarriage, 包括我们欧文商店的起重机轨道, 朗维尤和圣安东尼奥.

hjc黄金城网站 can rebuild links 和 惰轮, re-shell rollers 和 re-grouser track shoes. If you have a track roller frame that needs to be straightened, 重新排列或重建, hjc黄金城网站可以处理. A computer-guided track press enables hjc黄金城网站 undercarriage technicians to efficiently turn or replace pins 和 bushings on any size machine, 无论品牌如何.

底盘 field service trucks with 150-ton mobile track presses, along with heavy duty boom trucks allow dedicated undercarriage technicians to complete just about any undercarriage repair or replacement in the field.

没有hjc黄金城网站不能进行的底盘维修. 当计划, undercarriage replacement for most 毛毛虫 和 competitive machines models can be completed in 24 hours or less at selected hjc黄金城网站 facilities. This service is exclusive to hjc黄金城网站 猫 和 is unmatched in the industry. An extensive inventory of 毛毛虫 new 和 exchange undercarriage components for select machine models helps to shorten the repair time.


An extensive inventory of new 毛毛虫 replacement parts 和 stock track rollers 和 惰轮 for select machine models helps shorten the repair time.













密封 & 润滑轨道(SALT)









































Positive Pin Retention (PPR)




















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增强密封 & 润滑轨道
毛毛虫® SystemOne 底盘 

自成立以来,猫® SystemOne™底盘 has been tested in some of the most extreme conditions 和 toughest environments. SystemOne is an undercarriage system that offers reduced maintenance 和 increased life. Its patented design eliminates bushing turns 和 link scalloping. Welded pin ends prevent track joint end play or loosening which can lead to dry joints 和 accelerated wear. Link roller system delivers up to 50% more life than conventional designs. Reusable sprockets 和 center tread 惰轮 last up to 2 undercarriage track lives saving you in both repair downtime 和 part replacement costs.

通过重新设计SystemOne from the ground up, we were able to design an undercarriage that works 和 wears as a system. It minimizes the maintenance 和 associated downtime between track changes while increasing productivity 和 lowering owning 和 operating costs.


辊: Carrier rollers have a larger diameter for longer wear life. Track Rollers have a larger flange diameter for enhanced guiding
鞋子: SystemOne offers four shoe types to allow reconfiguration to bigger grousers for increased wear life. However, in most applications, the Extreme 服务 Shoe is recommended.
指南: 加上较高的轨道滚轮法兰, 系统一 guides provide better control over the track for reduced wear 和 lower maintenance.
Track 集团和link assembly: A stronger, straight-link design holds up in high impact conditions
墨盒: 密封 cartridge-style joints feature a patented seal system 和 use synthetic oil to reduce friction by 50 percent.
中间胎面惰轮: 设计寿命超过两首曲目, the center tread 惰轮 make contact with the joint cartridges only, 不是连杆轨道, 消除环节扇形和振动.
链轮: Sprockets last two to three times as long as the track versus half as long previously.

One goal for SystemOne was to eliminate maintenance between track changes. Its innovative rotating bushing design increases bushing life 和 eliminates the need for a bushing turn. 加上延长寿命的链轮, 惰轮, 滚筒和墨盒, 延长了整个系统的使用寿命和可靠性. Designed to work 和 to wear as a system, SystemOne offers balanced wear life.

SystemOne不仅使用寿命更长,而且性能更好. 通过消除链接扇贝和粗糙的骑行, 用户可以更好的享受, 乘坐更舒适. Operationally, it offers improved 细分级 和 side-sloping capabilities. And, rotating bushings make tight track 和 reverse operation less critical.

Along with the st和ard six –month parts warranty, 毛毛虫 is supporting a wear life program.


释放前的三年, over 200 毛毛虫 D4 和 D6 推土机 equipped with SystemOne worked on job site locations, applications 和 various conditions throughout North America 和 Europe. 后3,在日志等应用程序和环境中工作500小时, 掘根, 清算, 道路建设, 一边倾斜, 细分级, 采石场, 矿山, 沙子, 秋葵汤等-拥有和运营成本降低35%至70%, reduced maintenance 和 less downtime were reported in nearly all cases.

现场结果, 系统一 greatly reduced maintenance requirements 和 significantly increased wear life. The net effect is improved productivity at a dramatically lower cost.

Participating customers reported reductions of 35% to 70% in their total undercarriage owning 和 operating costs. The results listed in this chart show a range of cost-per-hour savings typical for various applications.