hjc黄金城网站 猫 Fluid Analysis

hjc黄金城网站 猫 Fluid Analysis

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Regular fluid testing can give you a picture of your machine's health 和 find problems before they occur.

Fluids Analysis - •阿•年代SM Services

Holt cat certified fluids analysis, cat machine fluid analysis.

•阿•年代 measures wear in specific components by determining the amount of wear particles in the fluid from that component with real-time test results online. +, you don’t need an advanced degree in chemistry to take advantage of your oil, coolant or fuel sampling results. S·O·S Services provides knowledgeable interpretations 和 recommendations you can actually underst和—和 act upon.

hjc黄金城网站 offers efficient 和 innovative ways for you to obtain your results as soon as samples are processed in the lab.  Our trained personnel will:

  • Provide accurate analysis using tests designed by 猫erpillar for 猫 products;
  • Perform a quick turnaround, usually in 24 hours or less; 和
  • Offer a knowledgeable interpretation, 和 recommendations to help you take action to avoid downtime.

Here are the top three reasons to put the expert detective work of the S·O·S Services team to work for your operation.

1. Avoid costly failures.

Allowing an issue to go to failure can double or triple your repair costs—or more. Prevent a small problem from becoming a major repair by leveraging a program that's designed to help you be successful.

2. Boost productivity 和 profitability.

Expert fluid analysis helps you manage overall equipment health, reducing owning 和 operating costs by knowing exactly when replacement components need to be changed.

3. Shorten repair time.

When you track what's going on behind the scenes—like component wear 和 oil performance—you can predict problems 和 schedule accordingly.

Tests Performed

API Gravity
Sulphur Content
Total Sediment 和 Water
Water Contamination
Visual Appearance 和 Odor
Bacteria 和 Fungal Growth
Cetane Index
Centerfuge solid content
Percent of glycol concentration
Freeze/boil point
Nitrite concentration
Magnetic solids, odor, color, appearance, precipitate, foam
Elemental Analysis
石油 condition
Presence 和 percentage of fuel in oil
Presence of glycol/coolant in oil
Particle Count
Presence of water in oil